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Printable calendars (one whole year on one page)

Monthly calendar graphics

Weekly wall calendars (these have their own domain)

CSS clock demo

Arithmetic quiz for computer or smartphone

Draw poker game in JavaScript

Two-player scoreboard "app" -- I also have three-player and four-player versions.
NOTICE: The scoreboard "app" uses a cookie to store your score. No personal information is collected.

Big green digital clock -- it gets the time from the server, but displays it as your local time.
NOTICE: ↑ The clock at this link uses a cookie to keep track of the last time that the page was loaded. No personal information is collected.
I also have a client-side version which just uses your device's internal clock for the time, and which does not use cookies.

A beautiful Japanese calendar which shows your device's date and time, and an explanation of that calendar.
I also have another version of that calendar, which shows the date and time in Japan.
This calendar's graphics are from an old Dynax game called Mahjong The Mysterious Orient (麻雀東洋の神秘).
I used information from to figure out the Japanese lunar calendar date.

A calculator "app" that can do time calculations